Saturday 29 June 2024

S.S. 1/3 - Moschokarya

An impressive former stage of Acropolis Rally on Tarmac terrain. Notable points include the famous K2 (“K2 turn” pin on the map) as well as passing through the village of Moschokarya with its narrow alleys (Radio Point 4). Equally impressive is the “natural” chicanes at the Train Bridge (Radio Point 1), where the competitors will make a half-circle around the column of the bridge before returning to the straight path.

LENGTH : 14,79km

ITINERARY : Moschokarya I -> 09:33      Moschokarya II -> 12:59


S.S. 2/4 - Ypati

A completely new special stage that starts from the village of Amalota and ends in the village of Syka, passing through the village of Kapnochori. Its most characteristic point is the passage through the Holy Monastery of Agathonos (Radio Point 4 on the map), an impressively scenic section with a “natural” chicane and a small jump . However, we must not forget the “Kapnochori Viewpoint” (Radio Point 3), which combines panoramic views of the Ypati plain with a very impressive turn featuring classic cement safety barriers, reminiscent of international racing events.

LENGTH : 13,07km

ITINERARY : Ypati I -> 10:36      Ypati II -> 14:02


Sunday 30 June 2024

S.S. 5/8 - Βralos-Pavliani

The combination of two of Greece’s most historic special stages creates, for the second time , perhaps the most impressive special stage in Greece. The first section features the well-known uphill section of Mpralos, including the famous “Thérier turn” (“Thérier turn” point on the Map) and the spectacular “Skamnos Jump” (“Skamnow Jump” point on the map). After the 15th kilometer, the second segment continues with the classic “ S.S. Pavliani,” ascending and  after passing through  the village of Oiti, it ultimately finishes at the entrance of  Pavliani.

LENGHT : 30,35km

ITINERARY : Βralos-Pavliani I -> 09:23      Βralos-Pavliani II -> 12:34


S.S. 6/8 - Kaloskopi

The classic and always impressive “Kaloskopi” special stage, with a length of 10.92 km, is very fast and features a wide variety of turns especially up to the 6.25 km mark. It demands alertness from both machines and drivers, with particular emphasis on braking for the last approximately 4.5 kilometers as it descends toward the finish line.

LENGHT : 10,92km

ITINERARY: Kaloskopi I-> 10:21  Kaloskopi II -> 13:32