Our History

The Racing Club of Lamia (ALAL) was founded in 1970 when a group of our fellow citizens, who loved motorsports, founded the association under the name “Agonistiki Lesxi Autokinitou Lamias”. ALAL is the 2nd oldest association in Greece which deals with the organization of car races and the participation of its athletes in the Panhellenic championships.

In its 46 years of history, ALAL has organized countless races. The maiden race for ALAL was the 1st RALLY FTHIOTIDOS ( on Tarmac ) in the year 1970. Against the meager means of the era, but with the overflowing passion for the races as an ally, its organization was achieved, a race that counted towards the Greek Championship. Kalemtzakis – Grassos with Ford Capri 2300 emerged as the winners.

The following races were held on Gravel, highly influenced by our national race, the Acropolis Rally which is mainly centred in our area , since it literally crossed the city of Lamia but also because of the legendary routes it offered (Tarzan, Stirfaka, Gardiki, Moschokarya, Makrirachi, Mendenitsa, Pauliani, Eleftherochori, Elateia). From 1970 onwards ALAL organized the famous Rally Fthiotidos almost every year. Later on, we took over the organization of the tarmac race RALLY of LAMIA and the Hill Climb of MOSCHOKARYAS, which counted towards the respective Championships of Greece. In our recent history,  we added  many Rally Sprints and skills-Drift show-GP Tuning – Track Day etc. to our list and almost all of them have been characterized by the massive attendance of both competitors and spectators. It should be noted that, all these years, the competitions organized by ALAL were included and continuously counted in the respective National Championships-Cups-Awards that are announced every year, and which attract the most Greek competitors.

Οργανωτικός και Αθλητικός Τομέας

In the organizational field, ALAL has a full crew of executives (timekeepers-judges-technical stewards-jumpers-security officers), which is one of the 3 crews that organizes-elaborates, the most difficult – usually the largest part, of Our national race, the Acropolis Rally, in full cooperation with its Organizing Committee.

But also in the sports sector, ALAL is a protagonist in the Panhellenic championships-Cups of all official institutions. Drivers from Lamia who are members of ALAL have won countless National championships and countless first places in National and International competitions. Ioannis Andrikopoulos, Sotiris Chatzitsopanis, Anastasios Gemenis, Christos Panourgias and in a newer version Panagiotis Chatzitsopanis and Giorgos Polyzois are just a typical example, as our athletes are too many to mention here but we want to thank them all.

The wider area of Lamia has been chosen for at least 40 years as the venue for the Acropolis Rally. In all these events, ALAL played a decisive and leading role in its excellent and successful organization.


It is therefore no coincidence that our Association is, by general admission, the oldest and most successful in the field of motor sports in the country, since in addition to its excellent athletes, it has also produced three consecutive generations of excellent organizers, as well as executives of all levels and ranks.

In the 50+ years of our Club’s life, “at the helm” of ALAL as the first President was Euthymios Liakos, followed by Thallis Papaefthymiou, Christos Argyropoulos, Kostas Liaskas, Kostas Kakkavas, Anastasios Gemenis, George Kyritsis and again Anastasios Gemenis and finally the current one President Nikolaos Manolis.

By decision 163/2012 of the Single-Member Court of First Instance of Lamia, the Club was converted into a Sports Association in accordance with Law 2725/99, fully recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports – General Secretariat of Sports, under protocol number 37577/17-12- 2013 decision of the Minister of Culture and Sports, and Special Sports Recognition Registry number FS21.

Driven by our love and passion for motor sports, respecting the rich history bequeathed to us by the pioneers of ALAL and with our guide the continuous and hard effort, we set ALAL as our goal to continue its brilliant course as it evolves and to exceed all expectations, offering excellent events in the difficult field of motor sports, always close to the competitors and the fans.

ALAL-Founding Members