S.S. MOSCOKARYA - Access Roads

1st Access Road – S.S. Start

Following the Lamia Karpenissi National Road, you reach the village of Leianokladi. At the central square with the lantern, you’ll find the church on your right. At the lantern, turn right towards Stirfaka Moschokarya. After 4.32 kilometers, you’ll encounter a junction, upon reaching the entrance of the village Stirfaka, park on the right side of the road within the village. From there, walk approximately 220 meters along the left road to reach the Start of  the special stage.

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2nd Access Road – S.S. Stop 

Following the new E65 Highway Lamia – Kalambaka, take Exit No. 3 towards Xyniada. At the first roundabout, take the right exit. At the next roundabout, also take the first right exit. Finally, at the third roundabout, take the third left exit to reach the S.S. stop.

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