You are currently viewing Rally Fthiotidos 2024: The 41st Edition is ready!

Rally Fthiotidos 2024: The 41st Edition is ready!

Rally Fthiotidos will, for the first time, be part of the Tour European Rally and is valid for the Greek Tarmac Rally Championship, the Greek Historic Rally Championship, the Legends Cup (coef. 2) and the Greek Historic Tarmac Cup (coef. 2). The 41st edition of Rally Fthiotidos is scheduled from June 28th to June 30th and it will be an event featuring 8 Special Stages and 138 competitive kilometres. The location of the event, organized by the Racing Club of Lamia, will be Lamia, a city that has hosted the WRC Acropolis Rally the last few years. Today marks the start of the final phase of preparation for the Greek round of the Tour European Rally, which is organized with support of the Region of Central Greece, the Municipality of Lamia, the Municipality of Delphi, and the Fthiotis Chamber of Commerce.

On Friday 28th of June, Administrative Checks and Scrutineering will take place between 12:00 and 16:00, at the Panhellenic Trade Center of Lamia, which will also host the Service Park, the Secretariat and the Rally HQ. Later, at 20:30, the Ceremonial Start of the event will take place at the Main Entrance of the Panhellenic Trade Center of Lamia. On the same day, an optional Shakedown will be organized between 14:00 and 17:00.  

Two months before the rally starts, the route that will host the race has been revealed. The rally begins on Saturday, June 29th, with the first Special Stage “Moschokarya” (14,79 kms), followed by Special Stage “Ypati” (13,07 kms). After a 30-min Service, crews will return to Special Stages “Moschokarya” and “Ypati”. The day concludes at 15:12, with competitors returning to the Service Park in Lamia.

On Sunday, June 30th, crews will head to the first Special Stage of the day, “Bralos-Pavliani” (30,35 kms) and will then compete in Special Stage “Kaloskopi” (10,92 kms). After the mid-day Service, they will return to Special Stages “Bralos-Pavliani” and “Kaloskopi”. The race is consisted of 138, 26 competitive kilometers and of 428,32 kms in total. 41st Rally Fthiotidosconcludes on Sunday, June 30th, around 14:30 in the Panhellenic Exhibition Trade of Lamia, where Prize Giving Ceremony will take place.

In the official website of the rally, , you will be able to find more information regarding the 41st Rally Fthiotidos.

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